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frequently asked questions (faq)

Why this ethereum mixer?

Yes there are a few mixers out there that focus on ERC20 (ethereum) but until now, none of the existing mixers out there are offering this service on BASE. Since it is the target of coinbase to onboard 'normies' BASE will soon also be the place where the masses get introduced to crypto. This is why we chose to also develop a mixing service on BASECHAIN.

What is NO KYC?

Off course, when we say NO KYC, this means no form of identification is required before using our services. Access for all, no reason to dox yourself... after all, it is a cryptomixer to protect your privacy.

How do I confirm my transaction?

One confirmation stands for a quick and instant (depending on the chosen timeframe) service. Off course, a transaction will be received and processed faster depending on the GAS that you, the customer used.

What is the fixed fee?

How are you able to offer this service for free? We don't, because there is a 1 percent fixed fee taken out of the amount that you mix. For example, if you transfer 100 ETH, it will cost 1 ETH to process. Compared to other mixers, this is cheaper, as they already will charge 0.2 ETH to mix 15 ETH for example. We also have higher mixing limits (max 450 ETH per transaction) to service customers who want to mix larger amounts.

How do I mix WETH?

Did you know that many people hold WETH in their wallets? Uniswap and other dexes use WETH for gas, wrapped ethereum that is. That is why we added support be able to mix WETH as well as ETH.